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Powerbank Card holder KOYT Powerwallet, black

Products Estonian design Powerbank Card holder KOYT Powerwallet, black
Logo trade promotional item photo of: Powerbank Card holder KOYT Powerwallet, black
Logotrade promotional product image of: Powerbank Card holder KOYT Powerwallet, black
Logotrade advertising product picture of: Powerbank Card holder KOYT Powerwallet, black
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45.00 €/pc + VAT
  • Made in Estonia: yes
  • MADE in EU: yes

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Cool power bank - card pocket with your company or institution logo

As a student company, the idea for the AkuPANK advertising product was born from the team's own needs. It has often been the case that after a long day or just leaving home at a later time, the phone's battery has run out when it is needed. The logical solution to the problem is to carry a battery bank, but from our experience we know that many battery banks are uncomfortably large and cumbersome, and it is also very easy to forget them. That's where the idea of ​​connecting the battery bank with something that will never stay at home developed. For that, something turned into a wallet, more precisely a card pocket. If the battery bank is always conveniently included, you do not have to worry about the battery of the smart device and can always be aware of the essentials.

We wanted the product to be as compact as possible and comfortable and easy to carry, but at the same time impressive and stylish.

The overall design of the product has remained the same from the beginning. Customers have expressed great satisfaction with the design of the card pocket.

Battery banks Bluebiit. The capacity is 2500mAh. The product comes with usb-c, micro usb and lightning cable end, which means that the product is suitable for any smart device in the world.

The card pocket contains 2 pockets that can hold 4 cards separately. The leather from which the product is made is high-quality vegetable tanning leather from Italy. In addition, it is a handicraft made by specialists in their field in Tartu.

KOYT brings together our four core values ​​as a name:

  •     Knowledge
  •     Optimization (optimization, finding the best and most effective option)
  •     Yearning (longing for great deeds and thoughts)
  •     Technology (we find and develop innovations in the technical field)

As a brand, KOYT is first-class, impressive, while remaining youthful, familiar and accessible.

KOYT powerwallet is primarily aimed at active, active people for whom strangers are not full of long days. Powerwallet helps them comfortably supply their smart devices with the energy they need to use them voluntarily.

In addition to the practical benefits of its products, KOYT aims to add value to people by sharing ideas, motivation and positivity through various channels.

The goal of KOYT is to create inspiration, motivation, joy, positivity, self-confidence and self-confidence, as well as peace and freedom from worries in customers and followers. We want to encourage other young people to be active and hardworking and to help them on their way to big dreams and actions.

Powerbank info:

Capacity is 2500 mAh, power 9.25 Wh, input 5V-1A and output 5V-1A. Weight 63 g, dimensions - 96 mm x 62 mm x 8 mm. The type is Li-Polymer. High quality battery bank Blubit.